The Randomness Continues...
A definate improvement on "Dom's Zone"

    And yes, it's named after my computer. But big deal, what does it matter?
    So what's going into this site? Well, eventually quite a bit of stuff. Some more interesting than others! :-) At the moment it's still definitely "UNDER CONSTRUCTION". But that will change, as and when I find the time to change it. Cause Hopefully I shall put some of my wonderful ray traced images up. And if you're really lucky I'll code some JavaScipt games for you all!!! I aim to keep download time down and interesting content up. I shall also be putting RPG details up, character stats and so forth.
    Hope you like the site as it evolves.

Your annoying web page coder

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Update Log
Last updated: 02/10/2004

    Pictures of the University merger appear.

    Ah, more comicness. Not so much brilliance as time wasting prehaps? But fun none the less.

    Finally, another update, the start of a hopefully consistant comic strip section.
Well... we can at least see how long it lasts.

    Linked the "Photos" page into the main sidebar and placed some photos in it :)

    Linked the "Talkers" page into the main sidebar... Enjoy.

    Added the Debian link to "everywhere"... A most important addition I feel.

    Adding of a link... The everywhere link, a general link to sites that I use. Intended more for my use than to help the rest of you. Enter my world at your peril ;-)

    You see that, the first change, that gap to the left is where all the links are going to go! And involved the adding of TWO new pages (WO HOO!)

    The first (and only) page is written for this site